Thursday, September 27, 2007

It figures...

I knew it was going to happen, but I had no idea it would happen so soon. After endless cries of "End the War!...Elect me and I'll end the War", the three top Democratic front-runners have all said that if they become President, they're not sure we'll be out of Iraq in 2012. So which is it? Oh how quickly convictions can change when it's time to get elected...

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I've always found it interesting how emotionally attached we can become to people they've never met. Most of us have idols, people we truly look up to and admire... our heroes. They can be family members, academics, professionals, artists, atheletes, religious figures, thay can be anyone. Whoever they are, we are so mesmorized by what they acheive that we become emotially attached to them, and whatever it is that they do, whether they write a book or win the World becomes a huge part of our lives.

I lost one of my heroes today.

I realize it's a name that means nothing to you, my readers, but a GIANT in the world of motorsports died this week. Colin McRae, World famous Rally driver, 1995 World Rally Champion, and true ambassador of his sport, was killed on September 15th in a helicopter crash less than a mile from his home in Scotland. He was 39 years old. With him were his young son, his son's friend, and another friend of the McRae family. Colin was arguably the most dynamic, and at times, emotional driver in the modern era of his sport. Whether he was winning, breaking down, or crashing spectactularly, he was sensational to watch. Because of his personality and his talent, he brought new fans from around the world to the pinnacle of motor sports that is Rallying. His raw talent amazed me as he routinely did things with an automobile that should not be humanly possible, and his influence helped to fuel my passion for all motorsports. His absence and this tragedy for his family will be sorely felt by millions throughtout the world.

Colin McRae, you will be sorely missed. didn't miss much

So...Mrs. MC, M.D. and I bought a house, I graduated from Medical School, became a real Doctor, moved to another state, started a residency in Family Medicine, and have survived the first several months relatively unscathed. There, now that you're caught up on all the details...I'm going to keep this up to date.

I'm gonna tweak the format a bit. I'll continue to keep some regular updates on the Mrs. and me for all of the old gang that tunes in, and some random things that seem important to me, but, I'm going to start adding some perspectives on medical education, residency, and health care in general. Maybe it'll be boring, maybe it'll be interesting...time will tell, but I've got a perfectly good and vaugely anonymous soap box to stand on here, so it's time to start spreading my musings. Who knows....maybe someone I don't know will actually come and take a look.