Thursday, September 20, 2007 didn't miss much

So...Mrs. MC, M.D. and I bought a house, I graduated from Medical School, became a real Doctor, moved to another state, started a residency in Family Medicine, and have survived the first several months relatively unscathed. There, now that you're caught up on all the details...I'm going to keep this up to date.

I'm gonna tweak the format a bit. I'll continue to keep some regular updates on the Mrs. and me for all of the old gang that tunes in, and some random things that seem important to me, but, I'm going to start adding some perspectives on medical education, residency, and health care in general. Maybe it'll be boring, maybe it'll be interesting...time will tell, but I've got a perfectly good and vaugely anonymous soap box to stand on here, so it's time to start spreading my musings. Who knows....maybe someone I don't know will actually come and take a look.

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